Danger Zone

Posted on April 11, 2013 by Stephen Stemle | 0 comments

Red represents danger. Stay out of the Danger Zone above the 2 Zone and below the black line at all costs.  When throwing a fastball behind in the count, the Freeze Zones turn to Danger Zones.  If the hitter is ahead in the count and expecting a fastball, the flat planed pitch is very dangerous and likely to be driven for extra-base hits and home runs.  It makes pitch recognition and timing easier and stays in the hitting zone longer.  Work on keeping missed Lokations below the Go Zone! 

The Danger Zone above the 2 gets a lot of airtime on Sportscenter because so many home runs are hit on these pitches.  Pay attention to baseball highlights to see proof that the Danger Zone is most often taken advantage of by hitters.  Offensive action is often closely connected to this area.  When announcers talk about hanging pitches they are usually referring to pitches in the Danger Zone.  

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