Lokator Pitching Academy


"The inside Freeze Zone was my favorite pitch. I would run it in on their hands and if they hit it hard they couldn't keep it fair. If they had an inside out swing like Jeter, the best they could do was hit a blooper over the infield."  

Jack Morris- 18 yr MLB Pitcher, 4 Time World Series Champion


"Once I figured out command I was a better pitcher than I was when I threw harder. Kids these days can't command both sides of the plate." 

David Wells-  20 yr MLB Pitcher, Pitched Perfect Game, 2 Time World Series Champion


"I want one of these for my backyard."  

Gary Sheffield-  20 yr MLB Career, World Series Champion, 500 HR Club


 "I use the Lokator and Bullpen App to show my pitchers their strengths and weaknesses, then we form a game plan from there.  I highly recommend the System to all of my players and fellow coaches."

Jeremy Cummings-  2008 USA Olympic Pitcher, West Virginia University, Tampa Bay Rays, Philadelphia Phillies...


"After using the Lokator with my own pitchers I see so many benefits whether you are throwing a ball at it or not.  It teaches the mental and physical aspects of pitching together."

Gorman Heimuller-  San Diego Padres Pitching Coordinator


"The Lokator System makes pitching terminology simple and consistent.  It works as a pitching language everyone can speak."

Corey Littrell-  Division 1 All-American University of Kentucky, 5th round pick Boston Red Sox


"Coach Stemle came into our program with the Lokator System ready to be tested and we still use it 10 years later."

Ben Reel- Indiana University Southeast Head Coach


"Good pitching principles stay consistent across the globe.  The Lokator System will give pitchers the tools to get outs anywhere the game is played."

Les Walrond- MLB Pitcher, Scout LA Dodgers


"The Lokator System is a perfect fit for all travel ball organizations.  It grows with the pitcher's skill level so it can be used with all age groups."

Mike Crudale- MLB Pitcher St. Louis Cardinals, Santa Clara University, Coach of Cru's Crushers


"In practice I have pitchers partner up, throw bullpens, and save statistics to the Lokator Bullpen App.  Practices are very efficient and I have hard data to help make the best coaching decisions."

Joe Maoine- Kentucky Country Day HS Head Coach


"Pitch command is the most important skill for pitchers to learn, but the Lokator System also focuses on avoiding dangerous zones when missing a spot."

Clint Weibl-   St. Louis Cardinals, Miami University, Academy Owner, Instructor, Travel Coach


"Pitchers have to be their own coach on the mound.  They become the leader of the team on defense, they control the pace and momentum of the game, they're in charge of the running game, and their body language represents the whole defense.    The Lokator System teaches pitchers to be their own coach." 

Kevin Sheredy-   UCLA Scholarship Pitcher, St. Louis Cardinals, Instructor, Coach