Lokator Pitching Academy

Baseball Mechanics

The Lokator mechanics series is designed to teach baseball pitchers how to simplify body movements so they are easily repeatable. Consistency is undoubtably one of the biggest factors in mechanics and with little wasted movement, there is a better chance for repeatability. The system will give pitchers the tools to create good muscle memory and allow them to improve as much as they want without relying on other coaches or instructors.

We will offer a full set of drills that Steve has curated from the time he started giving instruction and pitching in professional baseball 15 years ago. Each drill builds on the previous one and adds another element to challenge all pitchers. Drills can be practices with or without a baseball, on the field, or in the comfort of your home.

Our mechanics system played a big role in the success of the Lokator in the field testing with the Indiana University Southeast Grenadiers. It didn't take long for our pitchers to learn the Lokations they needed to command, but their mechanical inconsistencies and incorrect muscle memory made it more difficult for them to execute. The guys worked hard over the fall season to adopt the new mechanics system and the stats show they ended up the best staff in school history.

In our opinion, Lokation is the most important aspect of pitching no matter how pitchers get the ball to the spot. But solid mechanical principles can help with consistency and allow pitchers to throw at their top velocity. We understand there are no two pitchers who have the same mechanics and we don't intend to make everybody exactly the same, but many of the best pitchers in the world share these same basic principles.

  1. proper weight shift
  2. good tempo, timing and rhythm
  3. balance
  4. direction
  5. late rotation

In addition to our mechanics series, we also offer short break downs of each of the Zones in case players and coaches would rather see and hear the instruction rather than read it from the blogs. We also plan to offer video of new ways to use the Lokator, coaching techniques, and ways to use the Lokator for scouting and recruiting.