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If you believe pitch location is important and would like to get better hitting spots, watch this video to see how LoKator can help!


ABCA Best of show

LoKator wins Best of Show in 2020 at the largest amateur baseball coaches conference in the world!

invented by former MLB pitcher

Hitting the spots was the biggest factor in my success. When I hit spots consistently I was really good, when my control suffered, so did my performance.

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College Field Test

The LoKator System was field tested at Indiana University Southeast and finished 12th nationally with a 3.32 ERA and 9th nationally with 2.05 BB/ 9 IN.

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David Wells endorses the LoKator Target and has great success with his own pitching staff.

David Wells

I use multiple LoKator Targets with my pitching staff.  Last year we had an ERA under 1.00 with 6 complete games in under 80 pitches!

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The LoKator System includes a pitching screen and free pitching app.

First Travel ball Start

Roe got his first start today as pitcher on his travel team! He pitched 3 innings, threw 50 pitches, struck out 5 batters, and they won the Championship!  His confidence is soaring! Thank you!

Roe Painting Corners

The LoKator is a softball pitching target used for improving pitch control.

Courtney Smith

The LoKator Target is a staple in our live and online training programs.  It's a great tool to develop the physical and mental aspects of pitching together! 

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Will Smith

I used the LoKator Target for years as a young pitcher. It really helped my pitch command, but the System taught me pitch calling strategies I still use today. 

Will Smith - Dodgers Starting Catcher

Ben Reel

My pitchers, catchers, and coaching staff use LoKator Zones as our language of communication.  It's the most simple way to communicate spots and sequencing. 

Ben's Coaching Profile

Jeremy Cummings

I use LoKator with my whole travel organization. As a pitcher I wasn't a flame thrower, but hitting spots got me on Team USA in the 2008 Olympics.

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Get great pitch control now with the LoKator System!

The LoKator System will automatically improve pitch control by giving pitchers specific aiming targets and immediate feedback.  Give your pitcher the gifts of more strike outs, less walks, and more wins! 


- Waterproof

- UV Resistant

- 14 Ball Bungees 

- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


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