Lokator Pitching Academy

Chase Zones 5, 6

Chase Zones, Lokator Pitching Target


  1. Black to Represent Inside or Outside Edges of Plate
  2. Called Strikes When Glove is Hit
  3. Apply Movement from Go to Chase  
  4. Strike Zone Expanded


  1. Expand the Strike Zone
  2. Expose Impatient Hitters
  3. Teach Catchers Where to Give Target
  4. Make Hitter React to Pitcher's Pitch


  1. Use when Ahead in the Count
  2. Use when You Have Good Command
  3. Use when Umpire has Wide Zone
  4. Use Early in Count to Aggressive Hitters


  1. Execute when Hitter is Protecting the Plate
  2. Understand options with 2 Outs, 1st Base Open, and Weak On Deck Hitter
  3. Avoid Targeting Behind in the Count Unless Situation Trumps General Rule
  4. Pull Hitters Struggle with Outside Chase