Purpose Zones 7, 8

Purpose Zones, Lokator Pitching Target
  1. Yellow Represents Caution to the Hitter
  2. Lower Purpose Pitch is the Further Inside it Must be to Move Hitter
  3. Most Effective Purpose Pitch is at the Numbers 7 and 8
  4. Rounded Shapes are Targets to Start Bigger Breaking Balls for Strikes
  1. Move Hitter's Shoulders, Hips, or Feet Back Off the Plate
  2. Keep Hitters Honest or From Diving Over the Plate
  3. Make Off Speed Harder to Track
  4. Open Outer Go Zone and Chase Zones
  1. Use While Ahead in the Count
  2. Remember Hitter Pulling Outside Pitch
  3. Use After Hitter Goes Opposite Field 
  4. Practice Opposite Hitter Purpose Zone Pitchout
  1. Use After Consecutive Off Speed Pitches for Strikes
  2. Utilize Early in the Game to Send a Message
  3. Recognize When Purpose Pitch Would be Most Effective
  4. Experiment with 2 and 4 Seam Fastballs in Both Zones




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