Lokator System Benefits


Coach Benefits:
  1. See proof who is the best pitcher on staff at commanding Lokations.  
  2. Create competition among pitchers to increase focus.
  3. Have a simple form of communication so nothing is lost in translation
  4. Learn sequences pitchers can execute and use those in the game.
  5. Give catchers a chance to work on other aspects of their game.  
Pitcher Benefits:
  1. Learn what your strengths and weaknesses are.
  2. Doesn't require a catcher or a coach to improve.
  3. The Lokator Academy website is FREE and available 24/ 7.
  4. Email profiles and Lokation statistics to potential coaches.
  5. Compete against other pitchers in pitch command statistics. 
Parent Benefits:
  1. Never put your body in danger as a catcher again.
  2. Be a part of your pitchers improvement.
  3. Save money on expensive private lessons.
  4. Increase baseball IQ by learning the chess match between pitcher and hitter.
  5. Stop being forced to watch your child struggle in the game.
Academy Benefits:
  1. Improve instruction quality and keep instructors from catching.
  2. Keep a top ten Lokation statistics board up so goals can be easily set.
  3. Enhance the knowledge base of all instructors.
  4. Make other academies using the strike-zone square look bad.
  5. Run Lokator advertisements to increase sales. 
 Scout/ Recruiting Benefits:
  1. Get more detailed information than a velocity number or 20-80 score.
  2. Save travel budgets, let Lokator Leagues and Tournaments do the work.
  3. Learn what pitchers sequencing and command strengths/ weaknesses are.
  4. See which pitchers are improving. Compare current with previous Lokation statistics .
  5. Keep Lokator Reports and Rankings with you at all times digitally.


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