Lokator Pitching Academy

Lokator System Benefits

 Pitcher Benefits:

  1. Less walks = less pitches
  2. Learn what your strengths and weaknesses are.
  3. Doesn't require a catcher or a coach to improve.
  4. Email profiles and LoKation statistics to parents and coaches.
  5. Compete against other pitchers with LoKator Rankings. 

Parent Benefits:

  1. Never put your body in danger as a catcher again.
  2. Be a part of your pitchers improvement.
  3. Save money on expensive private lessons.
  4. Increase baseball IQ by learning pitch strategies.
  5. Watch your pitcher succeed in the game.

Coach Benefits:

  1. See proof of who has the best control on your pitching staff .  
  2. Create competition among pitchers to increase focus.
  3. Have a simple form of communication with numbered zones.
  4. Learn sequences pitchers can execute and use them in the game.
  5. Give catchers a chance to work on other aspects of their game.  

    Facility Benefits:

    1. Improve instruction quality and keep instructors from catching.
    2. Set Location goals and track improvement.
    3. Enhance the knowledge base of all instructors.
    4. Experiment with competitions like HORSE in basketball.
    5. Collect LoKation data for free.  

    Travel Organization Benefits:

    1. Use one language of location communication for all levels.
    2. Teach pitch sequencing to hitters and pitchers.
    3. Call pitches based on LoKator Zone numbers.
    4. Save arms with low pitch counts.
    5. Get a deep discount on bulk orders.