Lokator Pitching Academy

Chase Zone 4

Chase Zone 4, Lokator Pitching TargetGeneral

  1. Black Represents Bottom Edge of Strike Zone
  2. Most Important Edge of Strike Zone to Command
  3. Miss Go Zone Pitches at Chase 4 or Below
  4. Guarantees Downhill Plane


  1. Promotes Ground Balls
  2. Limits Damage
  3. Get Strikeouts
  4. Reduces Pitch Count


  1. Always Good Spot Even or Behind in the Count
  2. K's are Great Spots Ahead in the Count
  3. Never a Mistake Pitch 
  4. Use With Off Speed Behind in Count


  1. Double Play Situation
  2. Infield In
  3. Ground Ball Pitcher 
  4. Always Good Spot for Off Speed