Chase Zone 4

Chase Zone 4, Lokator Pitching TargetGeneral
  1. Black Represents Bottom Edge of Strike Zone
  2. Most Important Edge of Strike Zone to Command
  3. Miss Go Zone Pitches at Chase 4 or Below
  4. Guarantees Downhill Plane
  1. Promotes Ground Balls
  2. Limits Damage
  3. Get Strikeouts
  4. Reduces Pitch Count
  1. Always Good Lokation Even or Behind in the Count
  2. K Great Lokation Ahead in the Count
  3. Rarely Called a Mistake Pitch 
  4. Use With Off Speed Behind in Count
  1. Double Play Situation
  2. Infield In
  3. Ground Ball Pitcher 
  4. Always Good Lokation for Off Speed




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