Lokator Pitching Academy

Under Zone (U)

Under Zone, Lokator Pitching TargetGeneral

  1. Keep Misses Below the Go and 4 Zone
  2. Contact Often Results in Ground Ball or Swing and Miss
  3. Promotes Late Vertical Movement on All Pitches
  4. Guarantees Downhill Plane on Fastball, Tilt and Depth on Breaking Ball 


  1. Missing in Correct Spots as Important as Hitting Spots
  2. Expose Hitters Who Chase Off Speed Down
  3. Never a Hanging or Mistake Pitch at Anytime in the Count
  4. Change Vision Down when Missing High


  1. Use with Off Speed Ahead in Count
  2. Good Miss at Anytime in the Count
  3. Recognize Low Ball Hitters and Adjust 
  4. Left handed Hitters Usually Love the Low and Inside U Zone


  1. Use After a Fastball or Change Up in Go Zone
  2. Use with Breaking Ball Or Split with 2 Strikes
  3. Use when a Ground Ball is Needed
  4. Follow Fastballs in Go Zone with Off Speed in U Zone