Freeze Zones 9, 10

Freeze Zones, Lokator Pitching Target
  1. Blue Represents Hitter Being Frozen or Locked Up
  2. Get Inside on Hitter's Hands
  3. Top Corners of the Strike Zone
  4. Dangerous When Behind in Count
  1. Increase Perceived Velocity Late in the Count After Off Speed Early in Go Zone
  2. Expose Hitters with Slow Hands
  3. Aim Slider at Arm Side Freeze Zone to Finish in Go Zone
  4. Aim Curveball at Arm Side Freeze Zone to Finish in Chase 4 or Under
  1. Use when Hitter is Thinking About Off Speed Earlier in the Count
  2. Use when "Pitching Backwards" or Throwing Soft Early and Hard Late
  3. Follow Freeze Fastball with Breaking Ball Out of the "Same Slot"
  4. Do Not Use Behind in the Count   
  1. Use Freeze Fastball when Hitter Must Respect Off Speed in the Go Zone
  2. Do Not Hit Freeze Zones Off Speed 
  3. Use Inside Freeze More Often on Cold Days
  4. Use for Hitters who Like to go Opposite Field or Have Inside Out Swing




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