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Sunday Night Baseball Chatter

I'm watching the Angles play the Rangers on Sunday Night Baseball this evening and Orel Hershiser talked about four keys to a good pitcher.  He said that velocity, movement, Lokation, and changing speeds are the most important factors in pitching success.  When Dan Shulman asked Orel "which of those factors is the most important to you and if you couldn't have one, which would you give up?  Orel said the following

"I would give up velocity and take Lokation everytime.  The second thing I wanted was movement and then a change from one pitch from the next.  The last thing is velocity...  I have never heard anybody come out of a game and say I had great Lokation tonight but I got killed, but I have heard plenty of them say I had great stuff and got killed"

Then Shulman asked John Kruk what he thought was the hardest of those four factors for hitters to deal with.  Kruk said

"Lokation, if a guy can Lokate his pitches, especially with the fastball, no matter if it is 95 or 87 MPH, if you can spot it in, out, up, down, it makes it so much harder on the hitter because you can't get one area of the plate zoned in.  Then if he can change speeds, you're pretty much in trouble"

Orel continues

"If you can Lokate one pitch throughout a game then you can compete, if you can Lokate two then you will probably win the game, and if you can Lokate three then you will dominate the offense." 


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