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New Albany Little League Letter

It was such a pleasure to watch the 11-12 New Albany, IN (State Champs) Baseball Team play in the Regional Final today.
They play the game the RIGHT WAY, the way it was designed to be played. That's a direct result of coaches and parents guiding them the right direction and the boys following through when adrenaline runs high.
The boys probably don't know what life lessons they learned through this Little League experience. They can't see how those lessons will benefit them and reappear throughout their lives. They probably don't realize how they brought a closeknit city even closer together. They don't understand the joy and entertainment they gave us. They can't comprehend how proud we are of them, and how the score of their last game has absolutely no effect on that.
I know how bad the game can sting, there's nothing that can take that away other than a little bit of time. But with that time, it will be revealed how much this team and supporting community helped mold the men they become. Cheers to the NA Boys!!!! (And your Little League Team too)

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