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Lokator Target Zone Blog Introduction

Welcome to the Lokator® Zone Blog.  Entries will consist of general descriptions of all Zones and explanations of how to use them.  It is crucial for pitchers, catchers, and coaches to recognize what Lokations, pitches, and patterns work best for each individual.  It is more important to understand yourself as a pitcher than it is to know the hitter's scouting report.   

Radar guns are more accessible than ever.  As a result, pitch command has been underrated recently in favor of velocity.  Anybody can read a number off a gun and call a pitcher the next superstar, but if they can't command the strike zone what good does it do?  The art of pitching is commanding Lokations, changing speeds, and applying movement to the ball.   

There is no question good velocity can help pitchers get away with Lokation mistakes and may even get weaker hitters out on a consistent basis at younger levels. But pitch command, pitch selection and proper sequencing are necessities when striving for consistent success.

Knowing which Lokations to target and when to throw specific pitches are the first steps in learning how to get a hitter out.

The Lokator® System will teach where and when to throw the correct pitch. Whether a pitcher has blazing velocity or not, with good Lokation, movement, and pitch selection, they can get outs on a consistent basis.

Many pitchers must learn pitch command and selection the hard way, by getting hit around and knocked out of games.  Confidence is such a big part of pitching and giving up hits and runs makes it more difficult to challenge hitters and get ahead early in the count.  Use the Lokator® System to gain confidence in practice and find yourself as a pitcher! 


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