Lokator Pitching Academy

Our Story

While LoKator's founder Steve Stemle, was giving lessons in the off season during his six year minor league career with the St. Louis Cardinals, he found it difficult to communicate where pitchers should aim and how they should sequence pitches together.

He wanted to teach others what made him successful, but there wasn't a pitching target that identified zones inside and outside of the strike zone.  All of them where a single rectangle or printed catcher that did not relate to pitching terminology.  

Steve understood that there are strikes you never want to throw, like a fastball belt high right down the middle of the plate, and balls that you have to throw on purpose, to get a hitter to chase with 2 strikes.

So he began designing artwork that would quantify specific zones that directly related to pitch location terminology.  Instead of describing a pitch in words like outside corner to a right handed hitter, the LoKator Target allowed him to simply say Zone 5.  Instead of describing a brushback pitch to a left handed hitter, he could now say Zone 7, and so on.  

Once Steve finished the LoKator design, he built the Free LoKator Bullpen App as a navigation tool to teach and track optimal bullpen sessions. The idea behind our app was to create pitch patterns to follow, allow for competition among pitchers, and document pitch location progress.  

LoKator is currently in production of V2 of LoKator Bullpen that will use the iPhone camera to automatically measure velocity, movement, and location, then store it online in our player profile database.  Stay tuned for updates!