About Steve Stemle

I played at every level of baseball from little league to the big leagues. When my playing career ended, I organized the knowledge I accumulated and developed it into the Lokator Target, System, and iOS Bullpen mobile application.   

Once I finished the Lokator design I filed for the necessary patents, trademarks, and copyrights to protect my invention.  After my intellectual property was submitted I started on the development of the Lokator Bullpen App for iOS devices so all pitchers could see improvement and compete against other pitchers.  

After the Lokator Bullpen App was completed I turned my attention to manufacturing a durable and affordable product for all to benefit from.  This aspect took a bit longer than expected, but now that all of the research and development is behind me, I can focus on using my 15 years of instructional experience to give the world better pitchers.

I have assembled a team of former college and professional teammates with high credibility to help spread the Lokator System.  We are committed to supplying new tools for pitchers so they can improve at anytime for a fixed cost where pitcher's can improve ON THEIR OWN AT ANY TIME!

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