Lokator Pitching Academy

Danger Zone

Danger Zone, Lokator Pitching Target
  1. Red Represents Danger.  The Middle Middle Pitch
  2. Red Zone Above the Go Zone and Below the Black Line
  3. Freeze Zones Become Danger Zones when Behind in the Count
  4. High Batting Averages and Power Numbers on all Pitches in Danger Zone  
  1. Identify Flat, Hanging, or Mistake Pitches
  2. Lower Pitchers Vision to the Bottom of the Strike Zone
  3. Teaches All Strikes Are Not Created Equal 
  4. Make Dangerous Strikes Easily to Recognize
Sequence/ Selection
  1. Never Throw Any Pitch in the Danger Zone on Purpose
  2. Better to Throw Borderline Strike in Chase 4 than Sure Strike in Danger Zone
  3. Hitters Timing is Best on Danger Zone Pitches
  4. Easy for Hitter to Match Plane of Bat with Plane of Ball