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We have accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so members can stay current.  Don't worry, we won't flood you with advertisements or junk, updates will consist of content aimed at people on the move.  Breaking news and announcements will hit our Social Media accounts at the same time or before it hits our website.  Social media will allow members to connect and share Lokator Bullpen statistics with the world.  


If Justin Verlander has a no-hitter going into the bottom of the 8th, we would most likely use our Twitter account @LokatorAcademy to send a tweet like "Verlander knocking on No-no's door in the 8th" #VerlanderNoNo .  We may post about a play earlier in the day that we think is a good teaching point and advise you make an effort to watch Baseball Tonight before reading about it in our blog post the next day.  


Facebook posts will keep members up to date with current news, future plans, content, photos, video, etc.  Facebook will also be an avenue for you to reach the Academy with questions, suggestions, comments, etc.  We will post scheduling and results of Lokator tournaments on Facebook so players, coaches, scouts, and colleges can stay up to date on all events.  Drawings and contests are in the plans for people who "like" us.


We will use our Instagram account primarily to post photos.  There's a wide range of possibilities ranging from a young softball pitcher throwing in her first game to a polished big leaguer carving up the best hitters in the world.  We will also post photos of finalists and winners of Lokator Leagues and Tournaments so the pitchers who demonstrate the best command get the recognition they deserve.  

Bargain Hunting

Everybody loves a great deal!  Occasionally we will offer a deal to our social media community.  We plan on running specials only available to subscribers, so after you join you are more likely to get free shipping offers, free Lokator Tournament entry, 10% off store purchases, etc.  Join us on Facebook and Twitter as we begin our journey teaching the art of pitching.