Lokator Pitching Academy

K Zones

K Zones, Lokator Pitching Target
  1. Represents Strike or Strikeout
  2. Bottom Corners of Strike Zone
  3. Always a Pitcher's Pitch
  4. Swing and Miss or Called Strike
  1. Expose Impatient Hitters
  2. Promote Movement from Inside Strike Zone to K's
  3. Get Stikeouts
  4. One Pitch Outs if Put in Play
  1. Use Ahead in Count
  2. Use Early in Count When Command Good
  3. Use When Umpire is Giving Corners
  4. Use Hitter's Aggression to Advantage
  1. Double Play Situation
  2. Great Lokation for All Pitches
  3. Catcher Must be Aware to Get K Call
  4. Use for Pitches You Have Command of THAT DAY