Lokator Pitching Academy

Lokator Blog Descriptions

Zone Blog

  1. Gives an overall description of the Lokator System. 
  2. Explains each Zone in detail and describes the best ways to utilize them.
  3. Focuses on mental aspects of pitching (Lokation, selection, and sequencing).
  4. Identifies and explains all colors and numbers in the Lokator.
  5. Teaches the Lokator language of communication.       


Bullpen App Blog  

  1. There are 20 Lokator Bullpens divided in 4 or 5 pitch sequences.
  2. Details all pitch selections and Lokations of bullpens.
  3. Coaching instruction identifying the purpose of every bullpen.
  4. Bullpens are posted by difficulty from 20-1, easiest to hardest.  
  5. Identifies formulas and statistical categories for pitcher rankings.   


Game Variable Blog

  1. Describes different variables between pitching in the bullpen and games.
  2. Teaches how to recognize and defend against game variables.
  3. Teaches recognition of intangibles like body language, focus, confidence, and adrenaline.
  4. Teaches recognition of tangibles like the hitter, umpire, defense, and weather conditions. 
  5. Lists determining factors of in-game adjustments.         


How to Blog

  1. Explains the Lokator System and gives reasoning behind the System. 
  2. Shows illustrations of pitch grips, hitter reactions, FB seam charts, etc.
  3. Discusses game strategy, situational pitching, body language, reasoning.
  4. Teaches pitch selection, sequencing, and command.
  5. Will feature team practice series for coaches to refer to.


Misc Blog

  1. A wider variety of subjects that relate pitching to other sports.
  2. Current events that relate to pitching or some aspect of our System.
  3. Entries about how pitching or baseball parallel life off the field.
  4. Guest writers will co-write or submit posts of their own.
  5. Stories of the game.