Lokator Pitching Academy

Lokator Bullpen App Introduction

The Lokator Bullpen Application consists of 20 different bullpen sessions that are named, labeled, and explained in the Lokator Bullpen App blog.  Each session teaches pitch command, selection, and sequencing and gives descriptions of what the pitcher is trying to accomplish during the bullpen.  After the session is completed, statistics in four categories are automatically stored in the App database.  Once stats are saved, pitchers are ranked among all pitchers in the device database by category. 

One of the best features of the Bullpen App is that it makes pitchers throw to all zones in a way that doesn't favor just the pitcher's strengths.  We've seen so many coaches, pitchers, and catchers concentrate on strengths and try to execute only what they do well instead of focusing on weakness evenly.  Follow and execute the bullpen sequences provided and you will be a well rounded successful pitcher.