Lokator System Definitions and Terminology


  • FB- Fastball, 4 seam, 2 seam (Sinker), Cut
  • BB- Curveball, Slider, Slurve, Dropball, Riseball
  • CH- Change up, Split finger, Knuckleball
  • Off speed- Anything other than a fastball    


Batters and Pitchers

  • RHP-  Right Handed Pitcher
  • LHP-  Left Handed Pitcher
  • RHB-  Right Handed Batter
  • LHB-  Left Handed Batter  


Sequence Counts

  • Hitter's Counts/ Fastball Counts/ Hitter Ahead-  1-0, 2-0, 3-0, 2-1, 3-1
  • Pitcher's Counts/ Off Speed Counts/ Pitcher Ahead-  0-1, 0-2, 1-2
  • Even Counts-  0-0, 1-1, 2-2
  • Neutral Count-   3-2  


Pitch Planes

  • Flat Plane-  A pitch that ends up above the 1/ 2/ 3 Go Zone.
  • Downhill Plane-  A pitch that ends up in or below the Go Zone.
  • Change Planes- Alternating between a flat planed pitch to a downhill planed pitch or vice versa. 


Perceived Velocity

  • Increased Perceived Velocity-  A fastball looks faster than it actually is because the pitcher commands off speed in the Go Zone.  The hitter's timing is bad.
  • Decreased Perceived Velocity-  A fastball looks slower than it actually is because the pitcher cannot command off speed in the Go Zone.  The hitter's timing is good.  


Hitter's Bat Speed

  • Slow Bat-  Hitter generally has slow hands and swings late on fastballs, especially inside fastballs.
  • Quick Bat-  Hitter generally has quick hands and good bat speed, does not struggle with inside fastballs.
  • Speed Bat Up-  Hitter swings early on an off speed pitch after pitcher commands fastball in the Go Zone.
  • Slow Bat Down-  Hitter swings late on a fastball after the pitcher commands off speed in the Go Zone.   


Sides of the Plate

  • Arm-side-  The pitcher's throwing arm half of the plate.
  • Opposite Arm-side-  The pitcher's glove arm half of the plate 


Types of Breaking Balls

  • Backdoor-  Facing opposite handed batter, throwing a breaking ball to arm-side Go or Chase Zone.
  • Frontdoor-  Facing same handed batter, throwing breaking ball to inside Go or Chase Zone.
  • Backfoot-  A breaking ball in the dirt behind the plate or near the back foot of an opposite side batter.
  • Get-me-over-  Typically a slower more controlled break on the pitch ending in the Go Zone.    


Mechanical Terms

  • Dry Work-  Doing the drills shown in the mechanics section of the Lokator Website without a ball.  Trying to create new muscle memory with repetition.  

Miscellaneous Terms

  • Lock-in-Pitch-  A fastball at the 1/ 5 for RHP.  A fastball at the 3/ 6 for LHP
  • Slot-  The imaginary tunnel the ball travels through and the point in space it is in when the hitter decides to swing or not to swing.
  • Climb the Ladder-  When a hitter has trouble laying off the high fastball and following pitch selection is another fastball a bit higher than the last one.
  • Pitching Backwards-  A pitch sequence when off speed is thrown early in the count for a strike (Go Zone) and fastballs are used late in the count to put the hitter away (Freeze Zones).



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