Lokator Pitching Academy

Substitute Change Up for Breaking Ball

In the Lokator Bullpen App there are 20 Bullpens available to choose from and 6 of those are designed for pitchers who are too young or do not feature a breaking pitch.  For the pitchers who want to throw a more difficult bullpen with their fastball and change up, but do not have feature a breaking pitch, they can use the change up in place of the breaking pitch.   

Another option is to tap the skip button on the breaking pitches, but when you skip a pitch it is counted as a missed target.  This option comes in handy when two young pitchers are competing against each other and neither throws a breaking pitch but want to raise the difficulty level by selecting a bullpen difficulty of 1-12.  Results will be fair in the competition if both pitchers are skipping the same pitches.

It can get tricky when one pitcher throws only a change up and another pitcher throws only a breaking pitch while competing against each other because there are only 2 fastball only sequences.  When a situation like this arises then it is important to agree on the bullpen being thrown and the pitches that will be substituted BEFORE starting.  Then if reports are emailed make sure to type in notes at the bottom to explain any substituted pitches.


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