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Lokator Bullpen App Accuracy Reports

Along with the Lokator Score Report formula we discussed in our previous blog post, we also feature two other reports called Accuracy by Target and Accuracy by Bullpen.  Instead of ranking all pitchers with a formula like we have done with the Lokator Score, the Accuracy by Target report measures percentages of individual Lokations hit and the Accuracy by Bullpen documents overall percentages of whole bullpens.  

It is very beneficial for pitchers, catchers, and coaches to understand each pitcher's hot and cold Lokations.  The Target Accuracy Report statistics compiled during bullpen work can give insight when determining pitch selection, sequencing, and Lokation during games. On the top of the Target Accuracy Report Screen a running total of Lokations hit and total number of attempts is displayed so you can see your percentage of all pitches combined.  

Accuracy by Target percentage statistics for every Lokation can be thought of as a report card for all Lokations and results can be used to form an evaluation of strengths and weaknesses.  Lower percentages need to be focused on more often during practice while higher percentage Lokations need to be utilized more in game situations.  It's important to recognize which Lokations you command the best and then learn Bullpens Sequences that match your strengths.

Accuracy by Bullpen reports will list all 20 bullpens for each individual pitcher and give TOTAL percentages of how well the pitcher commands each bullpen as a whole.  So if you throw one bullpen ten times, the App will calculate totals from each session and display an average of how often you hit Lokations within each bullpen sequence.  This feature makes it simple to understand which bullpens you throw the best and then allows you to easily put them in your game plan.  

Understanding pitchers strengths and weaknesses will help coaches make better decisions when calling pitches from the dugout and will play a factor when deciding who to use in the bullpen.  For example, if there is a pull hitter coming up to bat with a bullpen pitcher ready to go in the game, the pitchers Target Accuracy Report Statistics for the opposite side of the hitter is very valuable information.  If the bullpen pitcher is has high percentages on the inner half of the plate and not the outer half, they might not be the best option because pull hitters usually like the inside fastball and struggle with Lokations away.  

There are numerous examples of how Accuracy Reports can be used for pitchers, catchers, coaches, and scouts.  Our goal is to give you a steady stream of content explaining how to get the most out of the Lokator and System.  We have big plans about partnering with scouting services and colleges to we can bring the two together like never before.  Stay tuned!       

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Feb 11, 2014 • Posted by Jeremy Cummings

I use the Lokator bullpen app so I can track my pitchers during their lessons so they can receive emails on how well they are lokating their pitches. They receive not only feedback from the app itself but comments from me on how they did that day. What a great way for the players to learn and useful tool to show them exactly what they are doing from bullpen to bullpen!

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